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Los Angeles Based DJ-Producer, Amtrac, Puts Forth New ‘Odyssey’ LP



Los Angeles based DJ-Producer, Amtrac, has made tremendous strides in his career, riding the momentum of a variety of hit releases. With the accumulation of a million monthly Spotify streams, he’s just put forth his new Odyssey album, featuring fourteen mesmerizing tracks that hold a warming sense of nostalgia and grace. 

The album is an accumulation of Amtrac’s work, possessing a plethora of timeless tracks and including familiar hits like “Madness To Mayhem,” as well as features from artists like Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Alex Metric, and Saint Kenaire. Throughout the album, Amtrac demonstrates his indie-electronic house infused production talents, while also singing lightly on a variety tracks. There’s a nostalgic sensation that occurs when listening to the album, which consists of the perfect mixture of records to take listeners on an audible journey.

It’s in Amtrac’s mantra to be as diverse as possible. Never content to settle, his music mood and influences change with each passing season, while his ambition and curiosity keep him locked on the edge, constantly experimenting with new techniques that feel right in the moment. 


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