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Printworks London Might Reopen In 2026



The developers, British Land and AustralianSuper, have submitted plans to Southwark council indicating that Printworks, a former industrial venue, may undergo a transformation into a permanent cultural hub by 2026. This proposal, spearheaded by property developers British Land and AustralianSuper, aims to revive one section of the site for cultural activities while dedicating the other half to offices and retail spaces, as originally intended.

Under the new plans, Printworks, which ceased operations in May 2023, stands poised to potentially reclaim its status as a vibrant venue for electronic music events, art exhibitions, and corporate functions. The reimagined space would feature not only the familiar large-scale event areas but also additions like a rooftop terrace and a smaller performance venue dubbed The Inkwells. Additionally, the proposal includes provisions for conference facilities and corporate hospitality suites to cater to a diverse range of activities.

Printworks Revival: A Cultural Hub on the Horizon

This ambitious redevelopment initiative follows the closure of Printworks six years after its initial opening, signaling a potential revival of its cultural significance in London’s entertainment landscape. The proposed revitalization aims to breathe new life into the iconic venue while also accommodating the evolving needs of the surrounding community.

The partnership between British Land, AustralianSuper, and Broadwick, an established operator in electronic music and arts, underscores a commitment to preserving Printworks’ heritage while adapting it to contemporary demands. The envisioned cultural hub, aligning with the ambitious £6 billion Canada Water project led by British Land and AustralianSuper, will seamlessly integrate into the broader urban development plans for the area.

The redevelopment of Printworks represents a key component of the larger Canada Water project, which encompasses extensive residential and commercial developments along the River Thames. This comprehensive initiative aims to create a dynamic urban environment, with plans for residential units, office spaces, and amenities to serve both residents and businesses alike. As discussions progress and planning permissions are sought, the vision for Printworks’ resurgence as a cultural epicenter continues to take shape, offering renewed prospects for London’s cultural scene and the local community.

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