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2024 GRAMMY For Best Electronic/Dance Recording Goes to Skrillex, Fred again.. & Flowdan “Rumble”



In a historic moment for the British music scene, Skrillex, Fred Again.., and MC Flowdan secured their first-ever Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Recording with their collaboration, “Rumble,” at the 2024 Grammys. The win marked a significant milestone in the careers of Fred Again.. and Flowdan. Other nominees in the category this year included: Aphex Twin “Blackbox Life Recorder 21”, Disclosure “Higher Than Ever Before”, James Blake “Loading”, and Fred Again.. and Romy “Strong”.

“Anybody young out there who wants to make music, or artists, the best advice I ever got was, Success is something that you attract, not something that you try to chase or catch. The other thing I wanna say is, for all the young people and everyone out here I know the world is crazy right now I really hope that we can actually start listening to each other and that everyone on the other side of the aisle, or anyone on a different perspective, we realize that they’re not enemies and I really hope we can start listening to each other and having conversations.” – Skrillex ⁣

“Rumble” is a groundbreaking track that blends the creative genius of American record producer Skrillex, British record producer Fred Again.., and the dynamic grime stylings of Flowdan. The single, released through Atlantic Records and Owsla on January 4, 2023, serves as the lead from Skrillex’s upcoming second studio album, “Quest for Fire,” making it his first full-length release since 2014’s “Recess.”

The collaboration between Fred Again.. and Flowdan dates back to 2018 when the duo initially crafted the foundation of “Rumble.” Skrillex, after hearing the track, felt compelled to put his own spin on it. In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Skrillex shared his journey with the song, stating that he initially disliked his version, fearing he had ruined the essence of the original. However, with months of collaborative effort, the trio sculpted “Rumble” into the masterpiece that ultimately earned them Grammy recognition.

Recognition and Triumph

The 2024 Grammy win for “Rumble” not only acknowledges the individual talents of Skrillex, Fred Again.., and Flowdan but also celebrates the collaborative spirit that fueled the creation of this outstanding dance/electronic recording. The victory highlights the global impact of British electronic music and grime, solidifying its presence on the international stage.

As fans and industry peers applaud the groundbreaking achievement, the Grammy win serves as a testament to the power of artistic collaboration and the ability of musicians to push boundaries, creating music that resonates with audiences worldwide. Skrillex, Fred Again.., and Flowdan have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the music industry with “Rumble,” and their triumph at the 2024 Grammys is a well-deserved accolade for their collective artistry.