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Michael Bibi Makes Comeback Performance at Coachella



Almost exactly one year ago, Michael Bibi (aged 33) was diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma, a rare form of cancer that instantly pulled him from the road to a hospital bed. Through his battle (which included 5 rounds of intense chemotherapy) and thankful recent remission, Bibi has emerged with a renewed sense of purpose and gratitude. Throughout his battle, he was cheered on by his colleagues in the global music world with everyone from Tiesto and Carlita to Vintage Culture and Diplo posting regular words of support and encouragement as he chronicled his treatment. On December 5, he posted that he was cancer free as he rang the bell at The Royal Marsden in London.

Following his career-stalling 2023 battle with cancer Bibi made a triumphant return performing at Coachella, on the festival’s brand new Quasar stage. On Saturday night he performed his highly-anticipated comeback set that featured several surprise appearances from industry veterans, who rallied around the artist during this pinnacle moment.

Following his Coachella performance, Michael Bibi will be embarking on his “One Life” – World Tour which kicks off this Summer. Additional information and currently released dates / stops can be found here.