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Bootshaus Invited The Nocturnal Times to Check Out Their New Sound System [Interview]



There are very few clubs in the world that have made an everlasting impact on the global EDM scene as the legendary club Bootshaus. Throughout past years, Bootshaus became a staple in the German EDM culture. Known for their dedicated and loyal fanbase, Bootshaus quickly became the place to be for music lovers and DJs alike. When talking to people they told us that they travel from across the country and even sometimes the world to party at this holy ground. Over these past years the turntables at the Bootshaus have seen many of the worlds most high profile artists standing behind them. With their incredible fanbase and stellar events, it is no wonder that all the world-class DJs want to play at there.

VINI VICI at “Main Room”

A couple of weeks ago the team at Bootshaus invited us to check out their new sound system they had installed in the Main Room. With the invitation in hand we decided to go see the new system in action during the 7 year celebration of their NIBIRII brand. We had the opportunity to see heavyweights like VINI VICI, Delta Heavy, Blazy, Gourski and more. The nice thing about this party is that the whole club was open, all 3 rooms where heavily packed with dance enthusiasts. The nice thing about the NIBIRII event is that you see so many differently dressed people spread out over the club. Everyone is always so loving and peaceful, you see techno people intermixed with the dubstep crowd etc. Generally everyone is just there to have a good time.

NIBIRII is one of the two main brands from Bootshaus that also have a big festival attached to it. The other being Germany’s biggest bass festival Blacklist (two festivals we highly recommend visiting).

Delta Heavy at “Main Room”

But partying is not all we do at such an event. The Head of Marketing at Bootshaus, Nico Broihan took some time to answer some of our questions.

Nocturnal Times: Thank you Nico for inviting us to your amazing club. Our first question is off topic. What is up with that Deadmau5 Helmet and gloves up in the backstage. What is the story behind that one?

Nico: That’s a funny story. We had a resident party in our club back then that didn’t go so well. We received a message from Deadmau5 on Twitter at some point in the evening. He’d just had a really bad gig and wanted to have another good party, so he wrote to us. Of course we didn’t say no, but we didn’t announce anything through our channels – Zedd posted on Twitter that he was coming to us and suddenly the club was full. That was one of the best nights in this club – incredible atmosphere and happy acts.

Nocturnal Times: We just heard Vini Vici tearing down the building with the new sound system. Could you tell us a bit more about the new one compared to your old system? What are the major changes?

Nico: On the one hand, the old Funktion One system has served us really well over the last 12 years and has played a major part in the many incredible nights. After hundreds of events, you could hear that the sound had deteriorated somewhat. The new system from L’Acoustics has a lot more punch. But what was particularly important to us, and what we have now achieved, is that our guests have the same sound experience in every area of the main floor.

Nocturnal Times: We noticed you that you changed the whole booth as well. The iconic structure that surrounded the DJ now holds some LDS but misses the iconic flair it used to have. Any plans to upgrade the booth?

Nico: There’s definitely something more to come! Replacing the iconic robots is of course not easy, but we are currently working on developing something new that will exceed guests’ expectations! The robots are now also in our club, for the past glorious years!

Gourski at “Blackbox”

Nocturnal Times: We noticed some changes on the other two rooms as well. The “Blackbox” has a new LCD wall behind the DJ and the “Dreherei” had some huge black boxes in front of the stage. Care to tell us more about your plans for those stages/rooms?

Nico: Even though the main floor naturally gets the most attention, all 3 floors are equally important to us. Each of the floors are iconic in their design and sound. We always want to incorporate small upgrades accordingly and see how they are received. The BLCKBX is (not only in my opinion) one of the best floors worldwide when it comes to bass music in general. Visuals are becoming increasingly important in this genre and we are keeping up with the times, which is why we have also installed LEDs. The black speakers for the booth are the old basses from our Funktion One on the main floor. Small adjustments will also be made here. The basses will be integrated into the booth so that the charm of the stage remains!

Nocturnal Times: The new soundsystem has been used for some weeks now. You had various music styles playing over these past weeks. How is the feedback from the DJs and crowd in regards to this new system?

Nico: Positive throughout. Exactly what we had hoped for. I think it’s always a good sign that guests or even DJs who rarely visit us hear this difference. We have to say a big thank you to our technicians and the L’Acoustics team!

Nocturnal Times: Thank you for taking your time and showing us around. Anything else you would like to share with us? Upcoming secrets you are not supposed to talk about?

Nico: We are currently working on many issues affecting the club at the same time, and let’s just say that the plans and changes mentioned are not the only ones we will be implementing in the near future. But let us surprise you!

Kevin Arnold at “Dreherei”

For more information about upcoming events at the Bootshaus or any of their festivals click here.