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A Day With RayRay at Amsterdam Dance Event 2023 [Interview & Recap]



The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is without a doubt one of the biggest gathering of artists, music lovers, industry professionals and everything else that is remotely attached to the wonderful world of the music industry. With meeting, seminars, interviews, and events of all sorts, you never know who you will meet or where you will end up in this crazy music filled landscape.

Last year during our ADE endeavors the elusive GRAVEDGR invited us to come watch one of his show. That is how we ended up at the Traphaus event at club Up (Amsterdam). With a stellar line-up from Whipped Cream, KURA, Juicy M and many others we knew this night was going to be good. We never expected what happened next. During the night we got introduced to the ever friendly and hardworking RayRay. Hailing from the beautiful city of Taipei, this currently green haired (yes she has various colors) bundle of energy is probably one the most talented and loudest Taiwanese export products. We had an instant connection with her and talked for a while.

That night we saw her perform an incredible energy driven set and saw the crowd going wild. So naturally we started to take an interest in this incredible energetic talented woman’s career. Over this last year we saw her releasing a barrage of tracks, a new album, a remix album and play tons of high profile shows worldwide. As we kept in contact with her during the year we were excited to link up with her again at ADE.

In this day and age usually we see an artist play only one event per day but during ADE everything turns into a madhouse. With RayRay playing as much as three events in one night, we got curious, how does this energy filled woman do it? We asked to join her on her ADE conquest and she excitedly agreed to take us along. Over the night RayRay turned out to be one of the most down to earth and approachable people in the industry that we have encountered. Where ever we went she was so nice and forthcoming to fans, staff and other artists we encountered that night.

Picture by: FooFooFilms. left to right Jake Gitt, RayRay, us

On Tuesday morning we met up for breakfast where she introduced us to her photographer Joel (FooFooFilms) and another one of her many friends Jake Gitt (Manager to i.a. Sikdope). Here we set up a plan for the big day happening Wednesday and got a glimpse of a day in the life from a high profile artist. Where most people think it is just about showing up to play for one hour and going home, nothing could have been further from the truth, granted sometimes it will be like this for some artists but those that want to make it the top enjoy a different lifestyle.

With RayRay showing us her schedule we know we would be in for a fully packed and interesting day. RayRay had scheduled meetings with festival organizers, interviews, photo shoots, studio sessions, dinners, mixers, preparing mixes and many other random meetings that suddenly got scheduled in between. Spending the day with her would be one of the craziest and most fun days we had this year.

RayRay played three events the first night of ADE. The first one was the ADE mixer from, second was the big one at club Air the Symphony Showcase from Timmy Trumpet and the last one was the FVCK GENRES party at club NYX. In between also receiving The Future of dance 2023 Award from our friends over at 1001tracklist.

Picture by: FooFooFilms

This night we would embark on a legendary night. Every stop we were greeted with great hospitality, shout out to Club Air Amsterdam, their hospitality was one of the best I have ever encountered. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, and from security up to stage managers, everyone made sure that we were very comfortable. From bringing us all the way to the backstage, to supplying us with food, drinks over the general nice mood everyone was in.

During this incredible night we saw RayRay play vastly different sets, a true icon behind the decks. She has an amazing microphone and crowd control. RayRay knows how to entertain but mostly knows how to read a crowd and anticipate their energy level. Each location had a very different crowd but she managed to blow up the roof each and every time she was playing. We saw her sing her own songs, climb on the turntables, dance behind the decks, and take time for her fans by taking pictures or just talking with them. During all this time she is smiling from ear to ear and being friendly to everyone. She has this magnetic likeable personality that just draws people in. That is probably why her fanbase keeps growing. Once you have seen her play live you can only enjoy the music and want to listen to it all the time. In between her gigs, we walked through the rain to visit label brother Moksi at his event. Even though our uber cancelled and we had to walk though the rain to our next location, her mood never dampened and she was even eager to answer some of our questions. Showing once again how easy going she is, a perfect host that makes everyone around her comfortable. We are excited to see what 2024 will bring for her.

Thank you RayRay from taking us on this magical journey through your ADE. Seeing you perform on stage and interact with all these people is so amazing.

Nocturnal Times: How do you prepare for such a night? Cause all 3 gigs where vastly different from eachother. Did you know that these venues and crowd would be different or what is your process with nights like this? 

RayRay: I started DJing before becoming a producer. I used to be a resident DJ in the night club, so being open-formateed and reading the crowds are always my strongest strength as a DJ. I listen to different kind of music daily, and I’m always trying to expand my music universe, plus I also have a lot of collabs which are different music genres. It’s always fun to play different sets and interact with the audience.

Picture by: FooFooFilms

Nocturnal Times:  I noticed at some gigs you prefer using your mic (singing your songs) more then others is there a reason for it? 

RayRay: I enjoying performing my songs. I think it’s also a signature move for me as an artist. I feel like being a performer is about everything, not only about the music selection but also about the experience you are providing to the audience.

Nocturnal Times: Well ADE was more then just some gigs for you. Also you had a load of meetings. How do you deal with like 5 days of virtual no sleep and still manage do to all your work? 

RayRay: I love being busy. I love meeting people and playing shows. I think the opportunity of being part of ADE is more important. Plus, I can always sleep on the flights.

Nocturnal Times: Loads of people do meeting just to have meeting during ADE. What about you? What is your approach here? 

RayRay: To me, ADE is more about catching up with the friends, artists, and the people I’m planning to work with in the world and playing shows. It’s always nice to share with my artist friends the experience and connections I have in Asia.I always hit them up beforehand and try to set up meetings, but to be honest, everyone is busy at ADE. I prefer to have the more flexible schedule for the meetings.

Nocturnal Times: What was your most exciting moment this ADE? And how stressfull was ADE for you?

RayRay: I enjoyed all the shows I played this year. I did a crazy b2b with Nostalgix, and went wild at Sinphony Label night. I had so much fun with my beloved Barong Family friends, and I reunioned with Tribal Trap x Actuation and family! It’s never stressful for me, because being an artist is always about enjoying the moment!

Picture by: FooFooFilms

Nocturnal Times: If you could host your own ADE night. Who would be on the list to play with you? It can be any artist dead or alive. 

RayRay: I would love to have Jvna, Nostalgix, Haus of Panda, Sihk, and Imanu to be on the lineup for sure!

Nocturnal Times: You told us you will be moving to LA soon. Does that mean we will see you play more in the united states then or will you be traveling with the seasons aka where the sun is? Stay a couple of months and then move to the next continent? 

RayRay: Yes! I’m planning to spend more time in US for 2024! 

Nocturnal Times: Anything you want to share with your fans out there?

RayRay: Stay tuned for my new EP on mau5trap! 🙂

Check out RayRay’s ADE aftermovie here: