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VOLAC Talks Music Festivals, NYC, Creating Tunes: The Nocturnal Times Interview



Just after taking over The Nocturnal Times social media channels on their journey to Elements Music Festival, VOLAC sat down with us to divulge deeper into their passion — music. Both members of the Russian electronic duo, Volac, grew up together — and a decade ago, things changed for the pair once they began making music together. What originally started just for fun turned into a successful DJ & production duo, VOLAC.



In mid-July, the guys released their “No Love” single through HITS HARD — and the production does just that. This summer came to a close as Volac brought their No Love tour to Brazil. Find out what the guys have been up to since their performance — and taking over our social channels before their DJ set — at Elements Festival in NYC.



Read The Nocturnal Times Interview Q&A with VOLAC:


The Nocturnal Times: How and when did you guys first meet? Did you know from the very beginning the style of music that you wanted to create?

VOLAC: We have been know each other since childhood. We started making music 10 years ago and it was only for fun. We didn’t know that we will produce some bass house with rappers In future. We have been listening to hip-hop and house since childhood, that is why we always try to combine those genres.



The Nocturnal Times: Was your vision always the same and were you both on the same page? Have your ideas and goals remained consistent throughout the course of your professional relationship?

VOLAC: We both wanna be successful with our music. We spend a lot of time for this. Every time we help to each other with something. We are friends for a long time, that’s why we have same vision and same ideas.



The Nocturnal Times: Who were some of your biggest dance music inspirations? Have your influences changed over the years?

VOLAC: This is definitely Chris Lorenzo and Chris Lake. They are legend. They inspired us a lot.



The Nocturnal Times: You recently just played at Elements Festival in New York City and took over The Nocturnal Times social media accounts on the road to the festival. How was the festival experience for you?

VOLAC: It was amazing experience for us. We could not imagine that we have so many fans in NY. In the beginning of our set at Elements festival there were not so many people, but in the middle of set time the stage was packed. People enjoyed our music.



The Nocturnal Times: For those who might have missed your social media takeover on The Nocturnal Times, what was the road to Elements Festival like? How did you guys prepare for your set in NYC?

VOLAC: We had a trip by bus this day from Washington DC and we were preparing set on the road to Elements Festival.



The Nocturnal Times: Looking back, what were some of your fondest memories about visiting New York City after your last visit? Have you visited NYC before?

VOLAC: No, it was our first time in New York. We really liked this city, but we only spent two days there. We went to some of the tourist places. Also we really enjoyed walking the streets in Downtown, NYC, and architecture of the buildings. We can’t wait to get back there!



The Nocturnal Times: Which cities in the world are you looking forward to playing most that you haven’t played yet? Which of the cities have been your favorite to visit or play?

VOLAC: We visited a lot of cities. We remember a lot of good parties. But looking forward we wanna played in Ibiza and Miami. We would love to play in Paris.  We were in Paris around eight times in the airport and have never been in the city.


Listen to VOLAC “No Love”:


The Nocturnal Times: What’s coming up for VOLAC in terms of future releases, remixes, or collaborations?

VOLAC: Our forthcoming track will be released on Hits Hard records. It’s remix for Destructo. Also we are working for our third ‘Night Bass’ EP. Collaborations with LO’99, Rrotik, 219boys + some remixes and a lot of. Stay tuned!



The Nocturnal Times: What’s next for VOLAC and what are you looking forward to sharing with your fans most?

VOLAC: We are working hard on music. We wanted to release only our best. Of course new episodes of our VOLACAST. We are really happy to be a part of the Holy Ship party, too!


Mark is the Founder of The Nocturnal Times. As an electronic music veteran, Mark has over 15 years of industry experience. The definition of a true music aficionado, Mark’s passion is prevalent through each of the projects he chooses to pursue. He acquired his Masters in Business Administration in Global Leadership and Brand Marketing and has since founded a full-service, unconventional artist management + development & creative agency. 


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