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Shouse Teams With David Guetta on Melodic Summer Anthem “Live Without Love” [Interview]



Shouse is a house music duo who has quickly rose to success from a variety of hit releases over the past couple of years. They are most recognized by their viral single “Love Tonight,” which has been utilized all over social media and within DJ sets around the world. The track has been flipped by an array of producers, including David Guetta, while the duo has now teamed with Guetta for a new original collaboration tune, “Live Without Love.” The track is an upbeat melodic house single that’s sure to get listeners vibing and dancing from around the world, showcasing Shouse and Guetta’s taste for modern house music. 

“Live Without Love” is a summertime anthem that’s composed by an array of rich melodic vocals, groovy synths, and driven by a feel-good rhythm that’s sure to make any listener dance. The track is the perfect collaboration between the quickly rising house duo, Shouse, and the renowned hitmaker, David Guetta, combining each artists’ taste and sonic palette into a captivating body of work. It is the perfect song to come out with summer right around the corner, and it is sure to be a single that will find its way in speakers and DJ setlists around the world for years to come. 

Shouse is a prolific house duo composed of Ed Service and Jack Madin. They are internationally recognized by their live-house sets filled with analog synths and drum machines, while also being noticed for releasing a slew of global hit singles. Their collaboration with David Guetta cements their position within the electronic music scene, exemplifying their place as a premium artist in the space today. “Live Without Love” is a collab that fans and listeners were hoping to come through, and its release is a celebration for the community and house fanatics worldwide.


The Nocturnal Times: During the creation of “Live Without Love”, were there any specific instruments that you feel brings this track to life?

Shouse: We loved the ravey production David Guetta brought to the track, but felt that when we got back to Melbourne and added our choir it really added that special Shouse sound.

The Nocturnal Times: What was the inspiration behind the writing of “Live Without Love”? Did your collaborators come through with the writing concept before, during, or after the core instrumental was flushed out?

Shouse: As we were writing this song a while ago, the pandemic was still in the back of our minds. Ed and I (Jack) were thinking about how people were reconnecting after spending so much time apart. We wanted the song to reflect that even though it’s tough to get out in the world. We all need love and we all need to dance together!

The Nocturnal Times: What was your favorite part of the creation process for “Live Without Love” and what do you love most about the track’s composition?

Shouse: We had about an hour before Guetta arrived at the studio and we were originally going to work on another song. But we had this idea, and we put it down and David loved it.

The Nocturnal Times: Are there any upcoming shows that fans can expect to see you two perform in 2023?

Shouse: We’ll be in Europe from June to September, so expect a lot of shows then.

The Nocturnal Times: How does it feel to go from having an official David Guetta remix for “Love Tonight” to having an original single collab together?

Shouse: We both love that we got this opportunity to write a song with David Guetta, especially after his remix of ‘Love Tonight’. It means we can continue spreading the message of Communitas, love and togetherness!

The Nocturnal Times: Out of all the gear and equipment ya’ll use, what is your favorite to use during the music creation process?

Shouse: For us, it’s still the guitar or the piano that are my favorite to use. Songs have a lot of power and it’s easier to tell if a song works when you play it with very simple accompaniment. If the song works, then comes the incredible production. For this, we use analog drum machines, sequencers, and synths mostly. The Korg MS20, Prophet 10 and the MFB Tanzbar being our faves.