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Zack Martino Throws Down Boiler Room Set at NYC’s Downtime



New York City’s underground club Downtime was a hot scene for Zack Martino’s recent Boiler Room set. For anyone who has been to a boiler room show, you know what it’s all about. For anyone who hasn’t, Zack’s was a perfect example of the intimate, fun, and creative vibes that these sets are known for. A vibrant crowd packed in around the booth that was centered in the middle of the room, and the music that filled the night couldn’t have been better.

For NYC residents and out-of-towners who have caught one of Zack’s sets over recent months, this one lived up to the hype just as much. Jam-packed with all the club vibes from deep and dark techno to energetic anthems, it’s clear his sets are tailored to the moment and they’re always something special to witness and be part of. This was a night to remember and be sure to follow Zack Martino on Instagram to see where he’s playing next.