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Tyler Young Makes Debut in “My Time” out via Thrive Music



Today marks a specially impressive date for Tyler Young who is making his debut in his brand-new single “My Time” out now via Thrive Music. 

Tyler is one of the incredible new signees with Los Angeles based label Thrive Music, and the two are a seemingly perfect pair. Thrive has been responsible for a wealth of visionary artists since they hit the scene in 1998, and Tyler is yet another testament to the sort of brilliancy that seeps through this label. 

Bringing his house music talents to the forefront today, “My Time” is a freshly minted new piece that perfectly represents everything Tyler’s innate creativity is capable of. Laced with finely tweaked underlining house beats, the crisp percussion and delicate instrumentals flow amidst each other effortlessly. Upbeat energy and radiant rhythms fill the airwaves of “My Time” as highly sought after vocalist Hayley May extends her vocal prowess to the track. A record that shoots listeners straight to their favorite dancefloor, it’s songs like “My Time” that remind us all of the beaming vibes and positive energy that shoots up from live shows. 

It was none other than legends Daft Punk who became the inseparable inspiration behind Tyler’s obsession with electronic music. Upon witnessing the duo’s spaceship touch down at Coachella 2006, Tyler’s crave to create dance music spun into a fantastic spiral. Artists like Green Velvet, Kaskade, and deadmau5 became essential influences for Tyler as he spent every waking moment listening to electronic and digging for underground and classic records on Beatport, all while teaching himself to DJ and Produce. 


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