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TheFatRat Releases New Single “Myself & I”



Gaming music legend and independent artist, TheFatRat, popularly known for his immense online following of eleven million fans, continues his epic saga with the release of “Myself & I.” The monumental anthem features vocals from Canadian singer RIELL and encapsulates the journey of finding strength & resilience in the aftermath of loss.

“”Myself & I” continues the story that connects my songs. The protagonist Eo has lost her brother and feels more lost than ever before, trying to find the strength to carry on without him.” – TheFatRat

Following the release of “Still Here With You” last month, the go-to-artist for Esports brands like ESL and Dreamhack delivers a deep and emotional track that conveys the emotion of losing the connection to a person you love and enduring it all by yourself. The song is the next chapter of TheFatRat’s overarching saga of the siblings Eo and Eden, where Eo is currently trekking through the frozen ruins of a kingdom alone to find a cure for her brother who fell into a lifeless state. Lyrics such as “It’s kill or be prey and I will fight” portray Eo’s determination for her brother’s survival.

“”Myself & I” is in a 3/4 beat, which is very unusual for today’s music where almost everything is in 4/4. I started playing around with 3/4 in 2020 but it took me over 10 attempts to make it work.” – TheFatRat

“Myself & I” is a unique track as it contains a lot of orchestral arrangements with full string and brass sections combined with a heavy techno beat. The song is a waltz in a 3/4 beat, treating listeners to a distinct musical experience in today’s landscape. RIELL’s piercing voice alongside the orchestral arrangements add a grand and cinematic feel to TheFatRat’s signature electronic sound. RIELL provides a certain darkness in her vocal performance, meshing perfectly with the swelling strings and pulsing drums to portray this grand story. Listeners are sure to be drawn into a dreamlike state with this unique composition of bouncy rhythms and somber storytelling. TheFatRat promises more unexpected twists and turns in upcoming chapters of the story as Eo embarks on a quest to cure her brother. “Myself & I” is available now on all digital streaming platforms and is free to use on digital platforms like YouTube and Twitch, continuing on with TheFatRat’s tradition of making his songs available for creators without the hassle of demonetization.