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San Holo Brings Us Together in ‘Stay Vibrant’ an Ever-Expanding Music Collection

Photos Courtesy Of San Holo Press



This year, we have continued to see how dedicated San Holo AKA Sander Van Dijck has been to producing music, and truly how much he cares for his fans. With this in mind, he is proud to finally unveil the first song “(if only I could) hold you” from his growing music collection stay vibrant on bitbird.

It is clear that creating art comes naturally to him as it is a medium that allows for unlimited expression of his authentic self. During this time where the future is unknown, San has been working endlessly to release more music than he ever has before. Since every one of us is affected by this crisis, he hopes to bring some peace and serenity to fans who need it most. Now, we can look forward to one new song every week as a part of his ever expanding music collection, stay vibrant which has the goal of helping each other stay connected in a time of isolation. This first release has set the tone for the full collection and many more are on the way.

“The reason for the stay vibrant archives is just to have a place where I can post music that I make that doesn’t necessarily belong to an EP or Album or Project. As a musician, I make a lot of music and obviously there will be tracks that I make that will fade away or drown at some point, which is a shame because I believe one of my strongest assets is the fact that I can actually make music in all kinds of genres (that still have the San Holo feeling and emotion cause I make it). In 10 years, this might all be over and I know I’d regret not using this platform I have right now to share my creations with the world. Using the stay vibrant archive we make it very clear; this doesn’t belong to an album or campaign, it’s just a peek inside my musical mind.”  – San Holo

To add on to his positive streak, San has launched his ‘vibrant phone’ where you can text him personally for the opportunity to talk. He understands the loneliness that inevitably comes with isolation, and will be FaceTiming some fans from his personal phone as well. He has the hope of getting to know some of you and will continue to find ways to directly connect with fans. From staying after shows to replying on social media, he is one of the best at giving his fans personal attention. The birdsnest, his fan club on Facebook, is now stronger than ever and just reached 15k group members. San looks forward to staying connected and hearing from you all at +1 (323)-289-6893.

In these coming weeks, San will be taking part in a handful of virtual events via Twitch and YouTube. He already had a headlining slot at bitbird’s online showcase, ‘a virtual night with bitbird’ and did a Twitch live stream of his Red Rocks show. There are plenty more on the way, so make sure to look out for San’s new releases and interactive virtual experiences that will make us feel blessed in this time of uncertainty.

Rising DJ, producer, and content creator, Ciara Graves, has been a dedicated Writer & Editor for The Nocturnal Times while simultaneously crafting her most electrifying projects yet. Having originally produced under the alias Graveheart for a few years, she is now working towards taking a more sophisticated approach with her music by focusing on the meaningful connection between the visual and auditory realms. Ciara studied Music Production & Recording Arts at Elon University '20 and completed Icon Collective's online music production program in Spring '21.


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