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The Nocturnal Times Exclusive Interview: Mako



Want to know what Ultra Music duo Mako has been up to? The Nocturnal Times caught up with Alex Seaver and Logan Light following the release of their debut album


Alex Seaver and Logan Light, better known as electronic duo Mako, have just released their first-ever full-length studio LP, Hourglass, through Ultra Records. First meeting because their fathers’ were college roommates, the guys have been chasing their dream ever since.


2016 was a milestone year for the dance music pair, who not only released their own debut LP, but appeared on Steve Angello’s Wild Youth (SIZE Records) on their collaborative single, “Children Of The Wild.” In mid-2013, the guys released their first single, “Into The Light” with Sander van Doorn and DubVision feat. Mariana Bell, which was followed by “Beam” late that same year; remixed by Dannic and released via Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. In early 2015, Seaver and Light continued their repertoire-building with the release of “I Won’t Let You Walk Away” feat. Madison Beer. “Smoke Filled Room” via Ultra Records came in the summer of 2015 with an acoustic version, music video, and remix releases, followed by Steve Angello’s “Children Of The Wild” single release and official music video.


This year, Mako prepared for their debut full-length release, Hourglass, which saw “Into The Sunset” and “Let Go Of The Wheel” as singles. Coinciding with the new album, Mako performed at the intimate Ultra Records Holiday Party (an invite-only event) at Cielo in New York on Dec. 9th.


The Nocturnal Times sat down with Mako for details about the making of Hourglass, their start in music and the significance behind their DJ name, working with Steve Angello, and what’s to come in the future.



The Nocturnal Times: How and when did you first know you wanted to pursue a career in music? We’re you both always interested in electronic music?

Mako: I’ve been a bit of a ‘band geek’ all the way back since middle school =).  I think around late high school it was very apparent that the only career path on my mind was musical.  Within that playground, though, I’ve definitely been sent on a pretty absurd ride through more musical job descriptions than I ever could have imagined. –Alex



The Nocturnal Times: When did you both (Alex Seaver and Logan Light) first meet and how was Mako originally formed? What does the stage name represent?

Mako: We apparently met in 1993 at the age of 4 since our fathers were friends and college roommates; however, they lived in different cities. We really didn’t connect until we were 22 or 23 and just happened to join our parents at a dinner. I brought Alex (who had just moved to LA) out to EDC the following week and from that point forward Mako was spawned from Alex’s background in composition and all his brilliance and my DJing and interest in EDM. The name actually comes from my favorite video game – Final Fantasy 7 (if you haven’t played it – I highly suggest it!). We wanted something that meant something to us as kids so we compiled a giant list and that was the name we ended up using. In Japanese we were told it meant “magical light” which was a nice play on my last name and within the game it serves as the life force of the planet so it had a good aura around it. –Logan



The Nocturnal Times: The debut album from Mako, Hourglass, is released on Dec. 9th through Ultra Records. What can you share with The Nocturnal Times about what went into the making of Hourglass?

Mako: A lot of soul searching, a depressing amount of hours, and a scary bit of risk taking =).  I don’t think we were ever going to formally release an album unless it really served as a vehicle to find ourselves creatively and declare our own musical independence as a singular artist. –Alex



The Nocturnal Times: How many tracks did you have to choose from when selecting those that made the final Hourglass cut?

Mako: Our final tally might have ended up around the 15-16 track range.  Truly not a lot of surplus we’re talking here.  I’m very envious of those artists and producers that surge through dozens of new songs and whittle down their choice favorites.  I’ve always been a slow, slow, gruelingly slow producer, and at times it feels like whatever I manage to complete is what we get. –Alex



The Nocturnal Times: Your new single, “Let Go Of The Wheel,” was just released through Ultra. This year, “Mako The Remixes” was released, which included interpretations of “Way Back Home,” “Smoke Filled Room,” “Our Story, and “I Won’t Let You Walk Away.” How did you go about selecting the acts to remix your tracks?

Mako: We really don’t “select” anyone we have ties with who has an interest we are happy to hear their interpretations. We even did a giant remix contest for “Smoke Filled Room” and personally commented on all 500+ remixes. We like to find interesting and unique ideas in remixes and that’s what we try and look for from ones submitted to us. The person doesn’t have to be “big” for us to choose them – we just choose what we think is good and serves as a fresh interpretation of the song. –Logan



The Nocturnal Times: Do you tend to take a different approach when you’re in the studio providing a remix for another artist rather than producing a solo track for Mako?

Mako: Absolutely.  In some sense making a remix is a hugely relaxing experience.  When you get to use someone else’s vocal or melody, that is one aspect of the song that you don’t need to account for, and you can spend the rest of your creative energy focusing purely on everything else.  It tends to feel like a vacation compared to the grueling aspects of doing everything from scratch =) –Alex



The Nocturnal Times: Mako appeared on Steve Angello’s Wild Youth album, on the single “Children Of The Wild.” What can you share with us about your experience working alongside the iconic Steve Angello?

Mako: It was a total dream come true.  We idolized Steve as he was largely responsible for aiding Logan in getting me to fall in love with dance music.  Come time to work with him, it was a surreal experience having that same guy sitting across from you in a massive studio asking your opinion on what you are working on.  He was so gracious and kind as well, an experience we’ll never forget. –Alex



The Nocturnal Times: What are your hopes for Mako in the next five years?

Mako: It’s hard to say for certain, but I feel like we’d love to publish a few more albums, and really take an opportunity to explore the world, performing and meeting all of our fans.  Its also been a long time dream to score films, which is something we’d love to use Mako as a vehicle to accomplish. –Alex



For more info, visit Follow Mako on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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