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KC Lights Debuts “Luna” to Preview the Release of Big Beat Ignition: SPACE



With worldwide quarantines in full swing and people confined indoors in their tiny apartments and houses, there has never been a better time to daydream of an outer space escape than right now. Big Beat Records is partnering with the European Space Agency and Landmrk to help turn that dream into a reality with Big Beat Ignition: SPACE, slated for release on April 3. To pump people up for this out-of-this-world 10-song compilation, KC Lights is releasing his track “Luna” today, and we can guarantee it will set your mission to launch.

“Luna” is exactly the song you need to get you in the mood for a space dance party, complete with electro-synth grooves and spacey vocals that will send you to Saturn faster than NASA’s Juno Spacecraft.

Big Beat Ignition: SPACE is more than just a passive album. Its unique and interactive collectible “Mission Badge” system can help stave off boredom as you work your way through the compilation, collecting badges that will include custom space data specific to both the track and the listener. Badges will showcase bespoke data such as the listener’s physical location, distance from the International Space Station, local weather, and even the distance traveled with the movement of the earth while the track plays.  

KC Lights

Get ready for lift off on April 3 – click HERE to pre-save Big Beat Ignition: SPACE and invite all your terrestrial (and extra-terrestrial) friends to the party. We’ll have KC Lights’ “Luna” on repeat as we prepare for launch.

Cover photo taken from Facebook.

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