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Big Wild Brings Together Some Funk and Hip-Hop in Mini-Mix



Big Wild put up a 30-minute mix for Nest HQ that crosses boundaries of several genres.


Up and comer Big Wild teamed up with Nest HQ to give listeners a groovy excursion of some off the beaten path tunes. Starting it off slow with his “Show Me Love” remix, listeners are gently walked into the world of Big Wild. His funky taste and hip-hop roots shine through at several points in the mix. In particular, he throws together a delicious mash-up of the trumpet laden JNTHN Stein piece “Dreaming At The Function” with the 90s classic rap tune from the Beastie Boys “Intergalatic.”


Sh?m and Diversa also make an appearance on the mix with their indie trap based song, “Unreciprocated Feelings.” Big Wild then sprinkles in an upbeat self made ID track right after, which we’ll be keeping an eye out for on the official release. The end of the mix brings you back full circle, mellowing it down with Blanda’s “Too Late” and the Foreign Family Collective “Aftergold.”


Listen below for the whole mini-mix and check out Nest HQ’s exclusive interview to gain some real insight on the artist Big Wild here:

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