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Red Hood Squad Releases “Shadows” on Harsh Records



The German native Red Hood Squad is a DJ and MC trio which was founded in August 2016 in Cologne. This trio saw the light of day at an after party at Germany’s number one club Bootshaus. Just partying wasn’t just enough for these friends anymore, they wanted to make music. Owing up to their friendship and with full strength of their community, they raised an incredible movement in a short period of time. With some amazing releases these past few years this trio is back with their first release for 2023 called “Shadows.”

“For this banger we mostly got inspired by our own style. We try to push the boundaries between genres. We see ourself as versatile artists that can easily blend from raw trap, hard trap, raw style over to hardstyle etc. We never saw ourselves as one style artists but play it straight as we feel it” – Red Hood Squad

With “Shadows” Red Hood Squad is storming no bars hold into 2023. The track greets you with an intense vocal just to be followed by an easy going relaxing break and then goes full mental. Overall is an intense track that keeps you head-banging till your neck snaps. “Shadows” fused all elements of hard trap, dubstep, raw trap and hard dance in to one piece of exquisite ear candy. This track is everything we expect to be from Red Hood Squad. “Shadows” is out now on Harsh Records.


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