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BRKLYN Kicks 2020 into Gear on Armada Music: “Nobody But You” [Interview]



LA-based electronic duo BRKLYN is kicking off 2020 the right way. After attaining their well-deserved artist spotlight on the renowned Armada Music roster, Cameron and Cody are en route to continue to shock fans with everything they have in store this year.

So far, we’ve been blessed with their latest track release titled “Nobody But You,” a tune certain to brighten up anyone’s day after listening to it wholeheartedly. This recent collaboration alongside the remarkable Jocelyn Alice has completely surpassed our expectations with its infectious melody, and is the perfect song to jam out to as we wait to welcome peak music festival season in just a few weeks. Jocelyn Alice’s passionate vocals add an impeccable touch to the track’s upbeat yet nostalgic rhythm, not to mention the high level of emotion that its touching lyrics bring about. Who doesn’t enjoy a cheerful song about an intricate love story?

“We’re thrilled to be back at it with our favorite collaborator, Jocelyn Alice. She delivered an absolutely stunning vocal yet again, and we’re looking forward to hit the road with this bad boy in our 2020 arsenal. – BRKLYN

BRKLYN’s initial musical background in rock music explains their intricate use of a wide array of instruments both in the studio and on stage alike. Known for their heartwarming sound style, the duo never fails to amaze fans and first-time listeners with their consistently captivating musical pieces and energetic live performances. Since their upbringing, BRKLYN evolved into a true dance music inspiration. They’ve collaborated with remarkable artists like Autumn Rowe, Rick Nowels, and Brando, and have also produced some pretty groovy remixes for several top-hits such as Armin van Buuren’s “Phone Down” and Morgan Page’s “Gone My Way.”

“’Nobody But You is about finding that undeniable, life changing love that changes everything.” – Jocelyn Alice

BRKLYN is flourishing like never before, and from the looks of it, 2020 is bound to be their year. “Nobody But You” has already set the ground for what’s to come from the duo in the near future, and we got to talking with Cameron and Cody ourselves about all things regarding their current musical endeavors and upcoming plans. Tune in below to read more about BRKLYN and their thrilling artistic ventures.

The Nocturnal Times: Thanks for chatting with us guys, where in the world are you right now?

BRKLYN: Corona Del Mar, California baby. Just moved down to the beach!

 The Nocturnal Times: What made you choose to collaborate with the incredible Jocelyn Alice specifically?

BRKLYN: She’s the best. She’s so raw and just gets it. We love her. We’ve all been through a lot together and we trust each other, so the result is always good.

The Nocturnal Times: With the track being released on Armada Music, how has your journey working on such a prodigious label been so far?

BRKLYN: It has been an amazing relationship so far. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Armada. There is a mutual love and respect for each other and they truly believe in us. Man!!! We got a lot of music lined up for 2020. Been big on intention and consistency for each other this year and it is great to see our team in such a flow.

The Nocturnal Times: Are there any upcoming track releases on Armada Music that we should be expecting from you anytime soon?

BRKLYN: Ya!!! Got a heater with our boy Brando. We wrote a tune together in Amsterdam. Big blessings from our boy haha.

The Nocturnal Times: You both have a background in rock music originally, what inspired you to take a big leap and pursue a musical career in the dance music world instead?

BRKLYN: We fell in love with dance music and wanted to incorporate our band roots to find and create an honest and genuine BRKLYN sound. So, if you don’t like our music don’t listen to it. I don’t know what to tell you.

The Nocturnal Times: If you could choose to collaborate with any artist of choice in the near future, who would it be and why?

BRKLYN: Kanye West. Cuz he’s gonna become president and it would be tight to say we have a song with the president of the United States. Or, John Mayer. He’s the goat.

The Nocturnal Times: Tell us more about your plans for the rest of 2020. Will we see the two of you touring at any point or will you be focusing more on creating content for fans?

BRKLYN: Yes, big time on both. We are currently working on our first album with Armada. Amazing, amazing songs are in the works. The work flow is incredible right now. And then we’re going to tour our buns off and see and sing and meet all our friends around the world. Love you guys.

Currently based in NYC, I hope to inspire others through my writing. Electronic dance music has become a passion and a form of inspiration in my life, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I aspire to share this passion of mine with others and help them understand the uplifting potential it can have on our lives!


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