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Markus Schulz & Adina Butar Unite on an “Indestructible” Track



Markus Schulz is stomping into 2020 with his first beautiful release of the year alongside partner in crime Adina Butar on the stunning track “Indestructible.”

The gorgeously curated track is out now via his very own Coldharbour Records label, and its just another implication of Markus’ dominant role in the marvelous world of trance music. Soul mates both in the studio and in heart, Markus and Adina have proven their undeniable chemistry through their previously released tracks “Breathe Me To Life,” “You & I,” “Universe Is Mine,” and “Muse.”

Their breathtaking story continues with “Indestructible” which opens up a brand new chapter of their divine unity for fans to indulge in. Accompanied by a fabulous music video, the sentimental tune brings about an array of emotions as it delves deeply into the overwhelming effect that a strong soul connection with someone can have on us.

It’s no shock that “Indestructible” is another spectacularly harmonious blend of Markus Schulz’s instilling trance-heavy sound design and Adina Butar’s breathtaking vocal input. The track begins solely with a serene downtempo piano melody, immediately followed by Adina’s enchanting vocals. From the get-go, we could already tell that all the feels were about to emerge after listening to the tune’s entirety. The main chorus is then interrupted by that uplifting trance build up that always tends to cause immediate goosebumps, and the powerful, entrancing drop that follows adds an even greater sense of passion to the track’s overall feel.

The dynamic duo’s newest chapter has proved itself a charming musical masterpiece to say the least, one which even first-time trance listeners could easily fall in love with. “Indestructible” tells the captivating love story between two twin-flame souls constantly finding themselves answering to the other’s call, no matter the circumstances that currently lie on the table. Prepare to have this one on repeat, and dive deeply into yet another segment of Markus Schulz and Adina Butar’s shared world.

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