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Youngr’s ‘Bootleg Mixtape Vol. 01’ Arrives as one of the Year’s Top Mixtapes




Armada Music gem Youngr has just released a deep dive of bootleg masterpiece tracks. Taking form as Bootleg Mixtape Vol. 01, the arrangement features 10 tracks reflecting the genius inner world of all things Youngr. 

Youngr’s full mixtape is a collective effort to feed into every music lover’s favorite tastes. Including flurries of perfect house songs like “Flowers (Mixed)” by Kye Sones, jazzy instrumentals like melodic piano and groovy saxophone from “Liberation (Mixed)” by Harold van Lennep, deeper moments like “Nobody Knows (Mixed)” by Autograf and Wynne, and loads more variety, Youngr has sincerely crafted one of the year’s best mixtapes. 

“When I signed with Armada Music, they presented me with the key to their vaults and gave me access to their entire back catalog”, Youngr says. “I was like a kid in a sweetshop, but I managed to choose ten of my favorite tracks and got to work. I loved the idea of injecting myself into the timeline of these songs. Some of them are nearly 40 years old and some of them only 4, but that is testament to a great song; they stand the test of time! I’m proud to be putting my stamp on them.” – Youngr

Youngr has become an integral part of Armada Music’s artist roster, bringing nothing short of refreshing studio productions and a rejuvenating spirit to the table. The UK artist has run sold-out tours across Europe and North America, spanning over 160 shows in 45 countries. Many will recognize his name from his viral rendition of The Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition” which raked in over 15 million views in its first two weeks.  Bootleg Mixtape Vol. 01 is the exact kind of soundtrack dance music fans are seeking to round out the year in a banging fashion, and the even better part is that  Bootleg Mixtape Vol. 01 stretches far beyond the confines of 2020, and rather will stand the test of time in decades to come. 

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