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Distinct Minds Releases “Breakout” Single




Following their first two musical offerings, “Wanderer” and “Mirrors,” German duo Distinct Minds is at it again with a brand-new original single, “Breakout.”

Vocalist iDo is featured in “Breakout,” raising the song’s vibration to an all time high. Beginning with low and gentle beats, the song quickly escalates into crisp rhythms and seductive percussion. iDo’s topline is an incredibly perfect fit for the eerie and dark tones that Distinct Minds put forth in the track. Incorporating synthesizers and elements of 80s, the energy is a force to be reckoned with in “Breakout.”

“The desire to Breakout is a universal calling to grow beyond whatever walls we have placed around ourselves. We wanted to write something that felt both new and familiar – that shattered whatever genre moulds we felt bound by but also gave people who are just discovering us a glimpse into what inspires us as and fuels our Distinct Minds. iDo put lyrics to everything we felt when creating this song, and the finished product is something we feel can tap into that split moment that every person has, deciding whether to be held back, or to let go of thought and jump in with both feet.” – Distinct Minds

Launched in April 2020, and with stunning visual creative direction masterminded by innovative digital artist Indig0, the Distinct Minds project explores and develops the recurrent pattern of music within a modern, almost futuristic paradigm. Channelling the fond synth-pop soundscapes of the 80s, whilst also writing the future, every line of every piece of music Distinct Minds makes consists of either continuing along that circle, repeating the patterns of the past, or breaking out to build something tangibly new.

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