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The Two Fake Blondes “Lifeline” Supports National Suicide Prevention Month



Husband and wife duo, Petey and Hannah Mac (formerly Hannah Michelle Weeks), make up The Two Fake Blondes. Out today (September 10), is their brand new single, “Lifeline”. The song has been released in support of National Suicide Prevention Month.

Filled with deeper meaning and an inspiring message, “Lifeline” is an uplifting song that offers a glimpse of hope for those who might be struggling, even if they might not think that they are. According to The Two Fake Blondes, “​Lifeline is an anthem of hope for those who are feeling alone and a very important reminder for all of us to check in on the people we love, no matter how busy our lives are​.”

Hear “Lifeline” by The Two Fake Blondes, below:

“​Our hearts were totally taken with the word ‘Lifeline’ – Having seen so many headlines, and so many friends and families enduring loneliness and despair, it inspired a passion inside of us to bring hope through music.”​

“​We want this song to inspire people to call their friends and check on them. One conversation can save someone’s life. Check on your happy friends, check on your sad friends, check on your busy friends. Loneliness doesn’t have just one face​.”

The Two Fake Blondes
The Two Fake Blondes (Petey and Hannah Mac)

Petey Mac has been featured on Spotify’s notable Mint, Housewerk, and Dance Rising playlists, while Hannah has performed alongside Kenny Chesney and Darius Rucker. Together, in just a short period of time, their music as The Two Fake Blondes has not only amassed hundreds of thousands of streams on DSPs, but they’ve been delivering raw talent and authentic creations since inception.


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