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Highcard Releases “Monsters” featuring Nate Bain via Sovereign Records



Ben Zamora and Doug Meadows AKA the Canadian duo behind Highcard, have blown the world away in their newest single “Monsters” featuring Nate Bain. “Monsters” follows the guys’ previous release via Sovereign Records “Without You.”

Starting out with softer undertones, the song gradually builds up momentum with Nate Bain’s spirited vocals. Highcard dishes up their raw energy about a minute into the track, switching up the vibe into a high-powered beast of a single. “Monsters” is driven with moody bass, vivacious beats, and thought provoking lyrics. The song itself calls listeners to face inner demons while understanding humanity is all in search of one thing – peace. The story is told in a beautiful musical light, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store from Highcard. 

Ben and Doug have come together following success as independent electronic producers. They are also the founders of band Horizons, yet again proving they are no strangers to the music industry as a whole. Highcard’s emotional and energetic sound has garnered support by well-renowned names including Axwell and Firebeatz. Stay tuned for more music and announcements by Highcard coming soon. 


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