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Over Easy Remixes Young Bomb’s “Wrong Side Of Love” ft. Darius Rucker




Shaking the scene once again is DJ/Production duo Over Easy who are dishing up their newest remix “Wrong Side Of Love” featuring country superstar Darius Rucker. Originally by Young Bombs, Over Easy has taken the track’s essential elements and morphed them into invigorating new senses. 

Taking an energetic spin on the original, Over Easy’s rendition of “Wrong Side Of Love” is simply a burst of sun-kissed electronic music. Sprinkling the song with effervescent moments, high-volume builds and drops, and a flurry of positive vibes, this new version has dance music enthusiasts in a flavorsome heaven. While Young Bomb’s original features a delicate and slower pace, built with beautiful piano and instrumentals, Over Easy’s rework fuels up a gushing new twist that is all-too rejuvenating. In both Young Bombs’ and Over Easy’s versions, one thing is certain – Darius Rucker takes this one all the way home. His voice scripts the entire song and arranges the story in a free and serene fashion. 

The guys’ “Wrong Side Of Love” remix is coming after their recent single “Liar Liar” alongside J12. Additionally, these two are the brains behind dance-savvy tunes like “Sleeping,” with Wyle and Linney, “Rosé,” with MiNDTRiX and Ashley Mehta, and “Deep End” with Camille Viau (just to name a few). With this doozy of a remix finally out for the world to hear, we can’t wait to see what new surprises Over Easy has in store in the near future. 


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