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Purified Records Releases First Edition of ‘Purified Selections’ Compilation



Nora En Pure’s extraordinary Purified Records Imprint continues to flourish with the release of its first-ever Purified Selections compilation. The 11-track ensemble exposes label newcomers right into the limelight, and takes listeners on an exotic sonic journey throughout its entirety.

This first edition of Purified Selections features the captivating deep and melodic house sounds of emerging Purified artists NASTAVI, Chris Luno, Enigmatic, Boy North, Heard Right & Floa, Initial Eyes, Namatjira, and Callum Can’t Sleep. While each producer contributes their own artistic flair to the compilation, all of their spellbinding productions encompass the imprint’s entire sonic essence perfectly.

With its mind-altering basslines and moving synths, this marvelous compilation is bound to leave you completely entranced after giving it a thorough listen. Mirroring that bright and lively feeling of the blooming Spring season, Purified Selections reminds us that there is in fact an ethereal beaming light at the end of the tunnel.

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