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Mielo has “A Lesson In Waking Up” Alongside Mariya Stoeva



24-year-old Chicago native artist Mielo is taking the next step in his young musical journey with his latest single “A Lesson In Waking Up.” Mielo and vocalist Mariya Stoeva are back together and have collaborated on their second song together.

“A Lesson In Waking Up” tells a beautiful story about being youthful and not knowing how insignificant situations can be when you are young. Mariya’s vocals progress wonderfully through a character being traumatized by their wrongdoing then reminiscing on how their actions were a small life lesson.

The instrumental backing the vocal is very ethereal with a powerful piano, guitar plucks, and colorful reverbs and delays adding sparkle and sonic width. The drop pluck is very catchy and has a rather gritty texture, standing nicely above a very full bassline and four-to-floor drums. Mariya’s vocal does a wondrous job gluing all of these wonderful aspects together.

“A Lesson In Waking Up” continues to push Mielo’s sound into more of an indie-pop direction while still applying a four on the floor dance beat. Mielo is coming off of a fantastic 2019 in which he released his debut EP Anywhere But Here, an official remix for Crywolf, and his late-year singles “Motion” and “LonelyGame.” He also provided direct tour support for Crywolf’s OBLIVIØN Tour.


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