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Lyke Celebrates Signing with Armada Music in Single “Arose”



Known for his successful hit “Nothing Around Us” alongside Mathame in 2018, Italian vocalist and producer Lyke is taking the next step in his career. He officially signed with world-renowned dance music label Armada Music and dropped his first single “Arose” to the Armada Electronic Elements label.

Lyke’s debut song on Armada Electronic Elements is delicate, melodic, and alluring. “Arose” instantly grabs listener attention with its soaring synths and atmospheric textures. Lyke uses his voice as an instrument in this track and does not intend for it to be the main focal point of the record. The blending of his voice with the rest of the instrumental elements of the track form a beautiful, euphoric, and hopeful texture that is fully immersive and delivers a blissful listening experience. “Arose” definitely reflects on the better moments in life and outlines Lyke’s desire for hope that so many of us crave in a world of uncertainty.

“‘Arose’ is my first single where my voice is a supporting element of the song. I made it in Bergamo just after the lockdown and I remember it all being a bit unreal. It changed everything, but I think that the single best expresses the hope I had and wanted to share with the world in that moment. The sound for me was very natural to pull out, and I didn’t want to limit myself during the creative process of the song. I thank Armada for having faith in this project and for the chance to get this single out together.” – Lyke

Italian born singer and producer Luca Piantanida AKA Lyke is a brilliant new addition to the Armada Music family. Characterized by his distinctive voice and synths that bear tinges of techno and other electronic influences, his music turns heads and hearts at a remarkable pace. Jumping to today, Lyke is one of the youngest producers to have ever collaboration with labels such as Afterlife and Drumcode. He is constantly pushing himself and his internationally acclaimed sound out there, and that’s exactly what brought him to Armada Music to release the first single of his forthcoming EP: Arose


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