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Shöckface, LIHO & Lauren Martinez Release “i’m afraid to be sober”



This year has seen many amazing releases so far. Most people might know Shöckface from his inversion of Lauren Martinez’s pop ballad “Superman” in early October. Now, Shöckface and Lauren are back for a team up with Belgian producer, LIHO. Their new wonky track “im afraid to be sober” is out now.

Shöckface is mostly known for fusing atmospheric pop and experimental electronic music. The mastermind LIHO on the other hand is well known for electronic-pop and experimental-bass. Combine those two with Lauren Martinez’s fantastic voice and we have a recipe for success.

Shöckface and LIHO begin this track with beautifully arranged hypnotic sounding notes. It all sets the stage for a captivating and rhythmic audio experience. The breakdown is sprinkled with signature Shöckface ear candy, and avid listeners might hear his signature dog barks. Most importantly when this wonky track nears the climax, they infuse it with roaring basslines and glitchy synth work. After this fantastic wonky vocal is added to the mix the track feels right for all those smooth after hours. The club is closing and nobody wants to go home yet. They worked a general feeling of melancholia into this track. Nevertheless the track has a vibrant and dynamic feel to it.

Shöckface’s raw and gritty experimental sound design imbued with LIHO’s futuristic style makes for the perfect creative collaboration between the uniquely distinct producers. Certainly the murky and darker side of sound provided by Shöckface tied in with LIHO’s bright sound design creates an illustrious and never quite replicated composition of art. ‘im afraid to be sober’ is out now on Trap Nation’s imprint record label Lowly Palace.


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