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Listen to Chris Varvaro’s Latest: “Wicked Intentions” ft. Sunnie Williams



Following his most recent tracks “Broken,” and “Meant That,” New Jersey DJ/Producer Chris Varvaro is revealing his newest single today “Wicked Intentions” featuring California native, Sunnie Williams. The collaboration is out via Hegemon, an Artist Collective of Artist Intelligence Agency.

Starting out with soft and delicate vocals by Sunnie Williams, “Wicked Intentions” paints a darling picture for listeners. Wrapped up between messages of self-empowerment and acknowledging falling for someone with ill-intentions, the track resonates all-too well with its global audience. Rooted with Chris’ ambient foundation, the song’s style, flow, and vibe reflect his innate ability to produce flavorful sound design. Light and airy notes fill the song’s background, all whilst building upon more grabbing and powerful rhythms laid down by Chris. 

“I had a lot of fun making ‘Wicked Intentions’ with Sunnie.  For me, this song is about struggling to say ‘no’ and actively being blinded and manipulated in a relationship.  It is easy to fall in the trap thinking you are seeing someone for who they really are, but in reality you are involved with an illusion.” – Chris Varvaro

Chris is a self-taught musician whose background dates back to drumming days. Though his viewpoint towards playing the drums slowly faded, the dance music sphere gained a terrific new talent as a result. He started turning heads with original releases as well as a remix of Fall Out Boy’s everlasting record “Sugar, We’re Going Down” with duo Wayfarer. The mix picked up support by Disruptor Records, Young Bombs, Two Friends, STMPD RCRDS, and Owen Norton. Then, in 2018, Chris dubbed the #pursound movement. This was Chris making headway in an effort to create beautiful breakdowns, synths, and progressions that will captivate electronic fanatics worldwide.

Sunnie Williams is a songwriter and artist who now lives in Nashville. Her repertoire of label success extends to revered ones like Dim Mak and Warner Music Spain. Sunnie is gaining red-hot momentum as she collaborates within the electronic space in addition to leading with her synthwave project, ØPAL.


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