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Welcome to Bassrush, ‘The Prophecy: Volume 2’ Album



Officially released this past Friday, August 7th, Bassrush Records is back with the second long-awaited installment of their collection album: The Prophecy Volume 2. The album is compiled of ten unique, hard-hitting & mind-bending singles that demonstrate the label’s resilient musical stance, all the while demonstrating the significant talent that comes through and emerges out of Bassrush.

The Prophecy: Volume 2 follows the major success and hype of the first volume of their Prophecy collection album. This time, the collection showcases both new and familiar names to the scene like Tek Genesis, Super Future, Fly, Hukae, Floret Loret, Khiva, Noer the Boy, and many more, while each track possesses its own unique standpoint, with some structured purely as experimental bass, while others delve into other genres such as Drum & Bass, Trap, and more.

Despite what genre attracts you to Bassrush’s label, listeners can expect and anticipate to dive into a bass oriented madhouse, allowing anyone to get wonky, wild, and rowdy. Their ability to deliver unprecedented & out-of-this-world experiences through both its musical releases and infamous stage lineups have cemented them as a staple figure in today’s electronic music scene, providing bass heads with a sanctuary to escape and simply go wild.


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