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Moxley Rey Unleashes “Garden” ft. Jeff Carl [Noble]



Moxley Rey has joined forces with Jeff Carl for the release of their newest single “Garden”, out now through Noble.

“Garden” is Moxley Rey’s second original single thus far — and this time he brings listeners a soothingly intertwining pop and indietronica for a euphoric EDM gem. Moxley Rey’s chameleonic production style perfectly accompanies Carl’s pensive and blissful vocals. Entrancing strings build a soothing wall of sound, before the track switches gears towards the stratosphere. A distinguishable chopped vocal melody is hammered home by a stadium-sized drumline, with Carl’s honeyed tones floating high above, which will have “Garden” on your mind for weeks, months to come.

Listen to Moxley Rey ft. Jeff Carl “Garden” [Noble]:

I had written a song called “Garden” and wanted to just get a nice vocal demo of it, so I showed Drew Southwell, Josh’s brother, at the end of a session I had with him in LA, and he kindly recorded my vocals for it, and that was that. On to the proverbial hard drive, it went. Months later, Drew circled back expressing interest in the song for this new producer project for his brother Josh, called Moxley Rey, and I loved the idea, and now here we are, in all our collaborative glory.” – Moxley Rey

Photo: Moxley Rey by Davy Kesey

Basically, “Garden” is trying to capture the emotional juxtaposition of the moment in a dying relationship when you start to realize it’s over. On one hand, you’re happy to finally acknowledge what you’ve known for a while, that the ship’s going down, but on the other hand, you’re remembering your entire history with someone that you love. That’s why I was obsessed with the imagery of a garden, something that literally represents time, energy, and investment. You spend so much time toward the end of a relationship, as you should, fighting to make things work or trying anything possible to find hope for survival, but there’s this beautifully sad moment when I think the relationship officially dies when you stop trying. When you let go of your grip. I was imagining this scenario of, from a distance, seeing your partner flirting with someone inside of this garden, and instead of the usual feelings of betrayal, jealousy, possessiveness, or anger, you actually kind of secretly feel relieved, cause it means your partner is starting to let go too. You feel the weight of your history together, and it’s sad, but you also feel the first glimmer of light peeking through from the future, a future where you and your partner are happy again, just not with each other.” – Jeff Carl

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