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Listen to Chris Varvaro’s Debut EP ‘Walking’



Arriving with his debut EP, DJ/Producer Chris Varvaro is revealing Walking. This brand-new EP spans four brilliant originals by Chris, as well as a proper intro and outro which morphs into one continuously grand musical journey.

Setting the scene for a beautiful soundtrack ahead, the “Intro” track is chock full of breezy soundscapes reminiscent of the ocean, wind, and all sunshine elements. Easing into full radiance, this is a wondrous glimpse of even more uplifting vibes to come. Settling into the EP with serene energy is “Depth.” This progressive-house tune captivates listeners with its atmospheric presence and mesmerizing percussion, before dropping into a flurry of deeper tones. 

“The “Waking Up” EP was created through the lens of wellness and holistic healing. I do not like that it has become “cool” to be sad as I have noticed that this has become a trend in music lately and there is already enough going on in the world. I do not believe that people need more darkness in their lives. I want to communicate the opposite with this EP. I want people to be able to listen to this and find healing, calmness, and zen. I want people to be able to learn about themselves and not be afraid to express their true identities. Throughout the pandemic, I took a lot of time to get to know myself as a person and as an artist.  I took time away from music and focused on myself and my family. I utilized tools such as meditation to learn about myself and keep myself centered. I want people to be able to listen to this EP and feel safe and open to exploring themselves and their minds while also feeling a sense of comfort.  I really hope my listeners have as meaningful of a listening experience as it was a creative experience for me in the studio!” – Chris Varvaro 

“Elysian” is up next which dives into incredibly smooth and soft moments. Laced with delicate vocal samples, heavenly melodies, and angelic bird-chirps in the background, this song is a slice of pure gold. Following is “Twilight” which marks the mid-way point of the EP. Built up with refined harmonies and invigorating energy, it’s the perfect song to cement the serene feels of this entire EP. “Waking Up” is stapled with nothing but anthemic-nature touches. Waves washing ashore, more birds, and impeccable piano come together to create an ever-bright record. 

The “Outro” track wraps up Walking and all of its glory, swooping into a full meditative state. Reviving listeners with ultimately peaceful magic, “Outro” paces along with free and easy opulence, dusting one last touch of flavor onto the entire EP. 

For those who aren’t familiar with Chris just yet, Walking is the perfect glimpse into his creative world. Owning a discography filled with a wide array of stylistic choices and freshly minted records, Chris’ craft has been inspired since his early life where his exposure and passion for various genres jump-started his desire to produce and make a career for himself in the industry. 


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