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Korky Buchek, Esky & Bread Club’s Latest Collaboration: “Into We”



Last week, three fellow Australian DJs/Producers hit the scene for a flavorsome new collaboration “Into We.” Korky Buchek teamed up with artists Esky and Bread Club for this buzzful disco number, out now via Risqué Music.

“Into We” is an ideal arrangement of storytelling, cinematic soundscapes, dance-centric rhythms, and alluring vocals. Incorporating funky elements from its lyrics to its beats, “Into We” lays down a foundation of natural groove. The tune sees Tom Elliott and Peter Sabbagh (Korky Buchek) place Esky front and centre, dripping in tongue-in-cheek braggadocio, with a falsetto to match. Picking up the second verse, Dillon from Bread Club waxes poetic regarding a love interest, questioning if the feelings are mutual. 

The lyrics in ‘Into We’ were inspired by a friend who found it daunting whenever she entered a dance floor because people had trouble distinguishing their boundaries. The lyrics literally pose the question ‘Are you into we?’ proposing that – it’s only good if we are all good. The collaboration came very organically, with Esky reaching out to them and jumping in the studio together. Bread Club became a last-minute addition to the track as the team got stuck on verse two.’  – Korky Buchek

Originally from the Hills District of Sydney, Korky Buchek’s journey all started on one stormy night as they set their minds on putting what really matters in life first. They decided on a goal to make people dance and enjoy life, and after years of DJing house parties they ventured over to the club scene. Naturally, the duo was inspired to make music and drew influence from bass music, ‘90s hip-hop, RnB, funk, and a dash of house. As you can imagine, such a combination of sounds makes for a repertoire of simply delightful music. 


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