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Joachim Garraud Releases ’96/24’ Album on Jan 22 via Ultra Records



One of the most anticipated album releases of the year releases on Jan. 22 through Ultra Records


Joachim Garraud—who is known for his diverse musical background—will release his latest album, 96/24, next week through Ultra Records. On January 22, 2016, Garraud’s electronic legacy continues with the release of 96/24, which is a double-disc LP consisting of instrumental and vocal productions.


Disc 1: Spatial includes nine instrumental tracks, Disc 2: Vocal also includes nine new productions, which include vocal creations.


96/24 takes listeners on a musical journey through Joachim Garraud’s inspiring 25-year career. As one of the most influential and innovative artists to hit the dance music scene in the last two decades, Garraud doesn’t disappoint with his latest studio release.


Preview Joachim Garraud 96/24:

Joachim Garraud 96/24 track listing:


  1. DJ Play That Beat
  2. Le Laboratoire
  3. Passage En Force
  4. Cut This S
  5. Le Voyage
  6. Just The Beat Bro
  7. No Crash
  8. Je ne suis pas une Machine
  9. We All Love Eric


Disc 2: VOCAL

  1. 6 Rue Caumartin Paris, Nov89
  2. Don’t Cry (Remember My Name)
  3. The Witch Is Dead
  4. Driftin’
  5. Up Down Stop Go
  6. Roxanne On Acid
  7. Don’t Bring Me Down (Get On Up)
  8. Love Song Sad Song
  9. Message To The World

1 Comment

1 Comment

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