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Hotel Garuda “Till It Burns Out” [PRMD Music]



Future bass duo Hotel Garuda just released a new tune ready for festival season in “Till It Burns Out” featuring Violet Skies via PRMD Music


The homegrown team of Manilla Killa and Candleweather have really come up with a grassroots like appeal in the dance music community. They’ve been on the road for the past couple months with the Eternal Sun tour accompanied by an hour long mixtape with the announcement. Their latest original piece of work is the single “Till It Burns Out.”



“Till It Burns Out” starts off with the help of female vocalist Violet Skies, a Welsh singer/songwriter whom released her first EP ‘Dragons’ in 2014. The combination of Hotel Garuda’s feel good warm future bass production whilst the words rang out by Violet Skies tells the story of an everlasting love in “Till It Burns Out.” The chorus makes for a perfect fit for warm summer days giving you steel pan synths and light rattling trap percussion elements. The group had this to say about the song:

“We believe that as artists, it’s important to contiunually grow, strive for something greater, but most importantly- make whatever we feel. That’s kind of how ‘Till It Burns Out’ happened….”


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