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Hellove Releases “Lie” Alongside Trove



Estonia meets Australia. Igor Volhonski, mostly know as Eurovision Finalist, has launched his new project called “Hellove.” For his new project and first release, he has teamed up with the Australian singer-songwriter, Trove. Their exciting collaboration is called “Lie.”

Emerging with lightly plucked guitar strings, “Lie” builds upon a filtered vocal chop, expanding with Trove’s yearning vocals. The breakdown collapses with stadium-sized drums just to blossom into a multipart chorus. The vocal tells us the story on toxic relationships and clarity achieved in hindsight. The second half of the track surprises us with layered synths that intertwines with a beautiful electric guitar. Overall the stunning vocal completes this amazing track and makes it a fantastic debut from Hellove.

Releasing my debut song together with an artist I’ve been following for a while is definitely an experience of its own. Glad that Trove was up for a collaboration and added an exciting twist to the song. He gave the already uplifting instrumental a unique feeling, explaining how difficult it is to end a relationship and move on, while still thinking the best is yet to come.” -Hellove

“Lie” a gorgeous pop-dance ballad. This track follows the narrative of two-faced lovers and dishonest relationships. It is expressing a longing, emotional message for their heartfelt ones. New fans can expect to hear much more from Hellove before year’s end. Hellove already has a slew of releases slated for the next 6 months. “Lie” is now available across all platforms.


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