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Ferry Corsten & Trance Wax Collaborate on Newest UNITY Single “Black Lion”



Ferry Corsten has had a strong 2020 by further exploring his sonic creativity and discovering new sounds that continue fueling the fire to his musical vision. His latest production offering emphasizes this journey as he pairs up with the innovative producer Trance Wax for the latest UNITY single, “Black Lion.”

“Black Lion” begins with an elegant arpeggiated melody with a large reverb accompanying it establishing the mood and atmosphere of the track. From there, the drums come in with sweeping effects building the tension leading to a fulfilling drop featuring atmospheric vocal chops, DNB inspired drums, and a pulsating bassline. The track then transitions into a blissful breakdown with strings featured in the atmospheric texture. Ferry and Trance Wax utilize tension and release very nicely in this track by gradually building it back up to an even more powerful second drop featuring an extra layer of piano chords to bring the song to a marvelous close.

Trance Wax has really lit up the trance scene in a short period of time with his unique take on the genre. I love the way he mixes old school sounds with a fresh approach, so it was a pleasure to work with him on a UNITY single.” – Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten has utilized the UNITY project to great effect since its inception, uniting the electronic music community and bringing artists together to work on projects for a greater cause, raising money for VH1’s Save The Music Foundation and also launching a fan collaboration initiative that will see resulting profits donated to the World Health Organisation’s pandemic efforts. As he has done throughout his long and esteemed career, Ferry Corsten once again showcases a knack for staying ahead of the curve with “Black Lion,” teaming up with Trance Wax to craft a very strong track in addition to what has already been an exceptional year.


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