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Elements Music & Art Festival is Bringing More Than Just Sounds With Art, Wellness Programming & Summer Activities



This upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, Elements Music & Art Festival is about to blow attendees away with everything it has to offer. Recognized as one of the most extraordinary boutique music festivals in the nation, we’ll all be able to fully immerse ourselves into the magic of it all in just a few days. This time around, Elements Lakewood goes beyond the music with its specially curated summer camp activities, wellness programming, and immersive art installation projects.

With the festival residing within Lakewood, Pennsylvania’s serene forest setting, there’s no way to escape the peace of mind that all of the surrounding nature will effortlessly bring about. Accompanied by a striking lineup inclusive of some of the most prestigious artists in the electronic dance music world, Elements Lakewood is about to take us all on a mutually musical and spiritual journey. It’s naturally tranquil and soul-soothing ambiance is every reason to host such an abundance of eye-opening experiences like the ones planned out, and we can’t wait to get a hands-on glimpse of it all.

Focused on the concept of human connection and curiosity, the festival’s wellness activities will give attendees the chance to indulge in transformative mind, body, and soul related activities. With more programming still to be announced, we’ve got the inside scoop of what these activities will consist of. Taking place at the Wellnest on each day of the festival, we can expect anything from varied yoga classes, a couples sensational touch massage course, and several Eco-friendly workshops such as How To Green Your Wardrobe, Glitter and Sustainability, and more. To add some creativity into the wellness mix, The Graham Bar is to present its Drink and Draw sessions, and an intricate parkour workshop, Party Braids 101, and Twerkshop & Vogueshop will also be accessible within the Wellnest. The House of Heart tepee healing center will showcase the intricately beautiful ancient Indian dance art form and will be hosting workshops on how to express our inevitable human emotions through our body motions. Sound intriguing yet?

To visually ignite our minds, Elements will have illusory art installations and experiences throughout the festival grounds. From live galleries, to sculptures, paintings, and interactive art shows featuring local artists, I don’t think we’re ready for all the beautiful artistic talent we’re about to witness. Art comes in all forms, which means that Elements will be home to some pretty eclectic interactive performers such as those traveling from Brooklyn’s very own House of Yes nightclub as they show off their talents lakeside by the Water Stage. Fire bending professionals Incendia will be taking over the Fire Stage, featuring a custom-made steel build designed specially by Soul Oceans with thrilling firework-infused performances. Like in the previous years, the festival’s complex Earth, Fire, and Theater stage designs and animations will return all thanks to NYC-based design group Rhizome, while Australian artist Chia Jen gets the credit for the recycled lumber constructed Air stage. Oh, did we mention there will also be a fire-breathing dragon art car on site?

What’s a camping festival without summer camp activities that take us back to those early childhood memories? Lakewood is the perfect place to relive these moments in a completely distinct setting, all while being surrounded by those music festival vibes we’re all fond of. Featuring many team-building activities and games, attendees have access to swimming, canoeing and kayaking, beach ball games, BangOn!NYC’s pirate ship installment, rock climbing, zip lining, mini golf, and more. If you’re feeling brave then the ceremonial fire walk might be the thing to try this time around, and other coordinated activities like a costume parade, sunset flow arts, a relay race, and a vinyl record hunt are to take place as well. Not to mention all the unique splendors at hand, including the Frick Frack Blackjack bartering post, where the most rare items are to be won and traded. Talk about immersive!

With Memorial Day Weekend quickly creeping around, it’s time to prepare for the soul-enriching packed weekend that will be Elements Music & Art Festival. A place where music, wellness, creativity, and adventure harmoniously merge, this 2019 installment is about to be its greatest yet. Time to pack up those tents and get ready to embark on this artistic and soul-captivating lakeside music festival. Elements, we are ready for you!

Photos courtesy of Elements Music & Art Festival Facebook

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