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Highly Anticipated Sets at Life is Beautiful Festival 2019 in Las Vegas



As summer starts to roll in, so does this year’s annual Life is Beautiful Music Festival, taking place from September 20-22nd in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Life is Beautiful has accumulated a lot of discussion and popularity over recent years for its all-around success and unique characteristics. The festival continues its annual streak as this years lineup is remarkably stacked, possessing various big-name and up-and-coming artists, while there are a handful of sets that fans are beyond eager to experience. 

Taking the stage will be none other than leading and diverse artists like Louis the ChildPortugal the ManRufus Du SolPost MaloneBillie EilishWhethanShallouMasegoOokayOliver Tree and so much more! Rufus Du Sol, Post Malone, Louis the Child, Whethan, and Shallou are expected to baffled Life is Beautiful attendees, bringing their one-of-a-kind performances to the audience at large.

Rufus Du Sol and Shallou is expected to entrance fans with their euphoric songwriting-house production style, while Louis the Child and Whethan is expected to absolutely stun thousands with their uplifting music and stage performance. Time and time again, such artists are expected to lead us all on an emotionally charged rollercoaster ride.

There is an immense amount of talent packed into Life is Beautiful, Las Vegas 2019, and the roster is dishing out an opportunity for fans to catch a glimpse of nearly any style they could imagine. It’s safe to say crowds are gearing up for a bliss of all things music, and can’t wait to lock in another wondrous year of memories to last a lifetime.

To learn more about Life is Beautiful, Las Vegas 2019 and its artist lineup click here.


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