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Egzod Reaches Nostalgia in “My Stranger” Collaboration ft. Riell



Dazzling in his new electrifying collaboration, France-based DJ/Producer Egzod is at it again in “My Stranger” out now via Lowly. Connecting through Trap Nation, the producer teamed up with Canadian pop artist Riell to create a cinematic track for the summer.

With a successful track record of playing festivals like EDC Orlando, Egzod has made his mark in the music industry the past few years. His two singles “Expedition” and “Sand of Time” were utilized in the popular Samsung x Fortnite commercial campaigns across the nation. Diplo’s Revolution Channel & Insomniac Radio also recently featured his exclusive guest mix via Trap Nation. With support ranging across the electronic spectrum from The Chainsmokers, to R3hab, to Martin Garrix and more, Egzod does not seem to be letting up anytime soon.

Featuring talented singer-songwriter Riell, “My Stranger” explodes with a vivid bass-laced beat topped off with sing-along melodies. The message sets out to tell listeners an impactful message about the dark appeal of giving into vices. The duo shares the meaning behind the single, stating:

“Knowing better and doing better can often be contradictory. In ‘My Stranger,’ the singer has a longing for things that are undoubtedly bad for her; she knows better than to let herself be around some people and things that will certainly leave her worse off but is stuck on them like a moth to flame. In the end, she has no one to blame but herself.” – Egzod & Riell

The two artists will continue touring the world with their own solo acts throughout the rest of the year and releasing hot new singles. Egzod now works with No Copyright Sounds (NCS)- having released six originals and one remix to the label’s twenty-million subscribers on Youtube. Riell has over three-million subscribers on Spotify and is currently working on her debut album, PARADISE. Together, the duo makes an unstoppable team bound to leave the listeners wanting more.


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