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Riell Unveils Striking Video for “Happy For You”



Riell is a captivating force in the music industry and has recently released an immersive visual for her single “Happy For You.” This creation showcases how the track is more than just a song, but how it’s a state of emotion that strikes a balance between pop and rock influences. The video is filled with Riell’s fusion of fashion, makeup, and expressive body language, and is a testament to her unparalleled talent and drive. 

“Happy For You” delves deep into complex emotions and explores the bittersweet feeling of witnessing an ex-lover thrive in a new relationship. It’s a part of Riell’s highly anticipated 18-track album, ‘Hymns for the Bitter,’ and is complemented by an inventive 10-minute video game, allowing fans to delve deeper into the album’s universe. Each track from the album will come with its own unique video, ranging from Volumetric Studio Capture Videos to full-blown Music Videos and Visuals, making the release an unforgettable visual and sonic character.

“The way I found out my ex was in a new relationship was very junior high; it was a bio update on his social media that said “❤️everybody”. I won’t lie, I was feeling petty so the first line of the some mentions this and choosing her over everybody and in the Vignette I’m airing our dirty laundry (literally, the video is in a Laundromat) and I custom made a shirt with his bio update on it”

– Riell