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SG Lewis Dusts a Touch of Gold into his Remix of Channel Tres’ “Sexy Black Timberlake”



Throwing his buzzful twist on Channel Tres’ original “Sexy Black Timberlake” track, British DJ/Producer SG Lewis graced the world’s dance playlists with a tune that won’t soon be let go of. 

Dishing up a taste of sweet nostalgia by title choice, Channel Tres sent a wave of magic over the scene with his single “Sexy Black Timberlake” that is simply irresistible. Arranging a flirtatious new version, SG Lewis couldn’t be more of an ideal presence to zest up the song with a dust of gold. 

This time around, SG Lewis spins Tres’ original track into an addictive new groove whilst maintaining its essential funky core. Layered with crisp percussion and silky vocals, “Sexy Black Timberlake” embodies 360 degrees of suave charm and dance-centric beats. Both artist’s styles melt into each other on a velvety smooth note, ultimately leaving fans and crowds with a song that can hit the dancefloor at any moment. 

For those who aren’t aboard the enchanting train of all festivities SG Lewis, now is the time to jump into his world of glowing electronic imagination and luminous sonic depth. It takes a certain sort of glowing mind to create such atmospheric music that propels listeners into another dimension of rhythmic peace and soulful ambiance, and SG Lewis strikes hearts with just that kind of talent.

Keen on delivering special sensory experiences through a symphony of sound, SG Lewis ignites our electronic sphere with riptides of vibrant songs that emit pure radiance from a glimpse at their titles including “Dawn,” “Flames,” “Sunsets,” “Aura,” “Yours,” and that’s only the beginning. With 2019 performances from Miami Music Week, to Coachella, to Mad Cool Festival, to shows in Mexico, Thailand, Japan and many more, SG Lewis is a magnet of joy in music that the world is genuinely glad to have.

Photos Courtesy of SG Lewis Facebook

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