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DJ SODA Drops Collaboration “Okay!” with Lost Chameleon & MOMOLAND’s Ahin



The NFT-fueled record label Purple Fly welcomes three new artists to their ranks with another genre-bending new track. With DJ SODA, Lost Chameleon, and Ahin of the group MOMOLAND, the label dabbles in fusing K-Pop and electronic music with collaboration “Okay!”

“Okay!” is an uplifting, party-starting anthem that combines energizing dance grooves with catchy K-pop influences. Overall, they are bringing a blend of K-pop and electronic dance music to the table. Opening with pristine vocals, the track quickly ramps up with a combination of groovy melodies, energetic synths, and a bouncy bassline that make for a feel-good, radio-friendly gem. The unexpected twist is the R&B-influenced vocal riff, which adds the perfect layer of complexity to this dynamic track. “Okay!” takes you on a multifaceted sonic journey that exemplifies Purple Fly’s commitment to releasing only the most cutting-edge new music.


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