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Ckhrisk Hits Maximum “Speed” in Latest Release



There are some producers out there that are not yet quite well known, but somehow when you discover them, you get interested in them and end up following their music career. Chkrisk is such one of these producers. His Latest release “Speed” dropped last week via TurnItUp Muzik.

This release is exactly what it’s name says it is. This track has this driving “on the road” feel all over. Imagine filming your whole trip with the camera and then putting some music underneath it. This track has a fantastic build up, gradually turning up the speed and then slowing down. The synthesizer completes this ensemble and gives it this nice 80s feel. The bass steadily pumps as you keep on stepping on that gas pedal. Overall, “Speed” is a fantastic track to listen to when you are alone on the road or making an incredible road trip with friends.


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