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Cevin Fisher “NYC The Party Capital” Production Contest



Can you play keyboard? How about putting your acoustic piano riff alongside CEVIN FISHER’s a cappella? Do you play drums? How about recording your drum solo to accompany CEVIN FISHER’s vocal? Do you sing four-part harmony in a barbershop-style quartet with your buddies? Then try your hand at a piece with CEVIN FISHER contributing his a cappella! Alas, are you adept at making EDM (i.e. techno tech-house, deep-house, or house music)-friendly sounds on your computer using the latest software plugins? Then surely you can throw down a blistering EDM instrumental with CEVIN FISHER’s vocals helping you achieve new highs. Creatively, the possibilities are endless and we want to hear your take!


For the first time, house music legend CEVIN FISHER is making his never-before-released, original a cappella from “NYC THE PARTY CAPITAL” (Import Tracks) available to you as a free download in this very special PRODUCTION CONTEST! Simply download the a cappella, create your own track using it, and email your entry as an .mp3 file to by 5:00pm Eastern Time on Monday, July 5th. We’re only accepting .mp3 attachments, so please don’t send any WeTransfer, SendSpace, Dropbox or other cloud-based download links.


The Nocturnal Times will help winnow down the total entries and 4 nominees will be announced right here. Then, you’ll have until Monday, July 5th to choose the winner.


The winner will have his/her track officially released on CEVIN FISHER’s Import Tracks record label and will receive 50% of the recording income (CEVIN FISHER receives the other 50%) of all track sales for the winning collaboration. (See fine print below.) Are you up for it? Then let’s go!


Download Cevin Fisher’s “NYC The Party Capital” a capella:


*Contest ends Monday, July 6, 2015 at 5 p.m. EST.



LEGAL DISCLAIMER: When using the a cappella of Cevin Fisher’s “TITLE” in your own production you agree unconditionally to the following terms and conditions:
  1. 100% of the Publishing/Copyright for the new work containing any part of the a cappella belongs to Cevin Fisher for life of copyright.
  2. 100% of the recording rights for the new recording containing any part of the a cappella belongs to Import Tracks for life of copyright.
  3. The following credit shall be used whenever applicable: “Written By Cevin Fisher, Published by Evol Free Music. Produced by <name of producer>. Vocals Performed by Cevin Fisher. P&C Import Tracks.”
  4. In the event your production should be selected for release, you will receive 50% of the recording income received by the label and you will be credited as an artist together with Cevin Fisher on the final release.
  5. In the event your production should be selected for release you agree to fulfill any and all reasonable promotional obligations as requested by Import Tracks, including but not limited to providing or taking part in interviews or other promotional activities.
  6. A formal agreement outlining all details of the recording and publishing rights of the final production will be drawn up before any exploitation will commence. Until this agreement is signed by both parties, the ownership of the recording containing any part of the a cappella belongs 100% to Import Tracks for life of copyright.
*By submitting your entry, you are hereby agreeing to the legal disclaimers above

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1 Comment

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