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Catch DJ Shaan’s New Single “Beacon” out now via Casablanca Records



India’s top EDM artist, DJ Shaan, is leading the charge in his scene, continuing to put forth a slew of hard hitting originals and performing energetic live show performances. Now coming forth with a stellar new single, “Beacon” featuring Willa via Casablanca Records, DJ Shaan is preparing to provide his fans and listeners with more tunes, gearing up for upcoming show performances in the future. 

“Beacon” is an upbeat and addictive tune from the jump. Guided by soft and smooth vocals by Willa, DJ Shaan mixes in his ever-creative and bouncing rhythms to make an energetic new track for dance music enthusiasts. Built up with a plethora of chill flair and simultaneous driving basslines, “Beacon” is an instant on repeat track, ideal for just about any occasion for wanting to throw on a great new single.

“Beacon is pretty simple! Energy, guidance, growth and joy at the end of it! In a way my follow up to Paradise. It was a pleasure to work on this with Willa, her vocal energy and presence brings out what the track should make you feel.” – DJ Shaan

Making his North American debut in 2020 with “Paradise” featuring SAKIMA, DJ Shaan has been growing as a presence in dance music, receiving support from the likes of BPM, BBC Radio, Dancing Astronaut, YourEDM, MixMag, and more. With the number of unreleased tunes in his vault and a variety of appraisals for his stage presence, while performing, DJ Shaan is expected to continue skyrocketing with much more to come. 


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