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Blacklist Showdown at Bootshaus with GRiZ, Herobust & ATLiens



Second Blacklist Club Event 2020

There are many events and festivals happening every month but very few have such a dedicated crowd as a Blacklist one. The metaphorical church bells rang and the masses flocked towards their church, the Bootshaus.

Photo Courtesy of Blacklist

One previous show marked the opening of the Blacklist year. It was a massive in advance sold-out show which hosted a terrific lineup. Besides the Blacklist residents they had invited heavy hitters like Saymyname, Volac and an incredible b2b by Chime, Franky Nuts and Oliverse. Those that attended this great opening show surely must have had a good time. Luckily we had an opportunity to visit the second coming of the Blacklist.

The Night

On a cold Friday night we made our way to Germany’s number one club, the fabled Bootshaus with our entrance tickets secured safely in our pockets. Upon arriving it felt like coming home because at the parking lot the party already had started. Party-goers were standing around their boomboxes and open cars, celebrating music at its finest.

Something like this is rarely seen at other festivals. The dedication and rituals this group of blacklist soldiers have is uncanny. For instance the clothing and masks they wear, the dedication to the cause, the social cohesion of this group, it is all on point. As we made our way towards the entrance the sounds of Blacklist resident Atrip greeted our ears. The club was already steadily filling up with more soldiers as we made our way towards the mainstage.


Once we arrived at the mainstage, Griz was taking over the turntables. Well, not really the turntables since he pulled out his saxophone and greeted the crowd with an amazing saxophone trap/bass solo. Sure we all know Timmy Trumpet, but this sure felt different and the crowd loved it. It is always great to see an artist doing something out of the ordinary. As we listened to GRiZ gradually upping the tempo and therefore bringing the crowd in to a frenzy state of excitement, we had to make our way to the Blackbox (second stage).


Here at this stage the mysterious alien duo Atliens were already busy tearing up the club. There were tons of people standing on shoulders, every one of them eager to get a glimpse of their favorite duo. It felt fitting having them play at the elusive Blackbox. This room is much darker and smaller. It has a much more sinister feel when cloaked in all the artificial fog with minimal lights. Their glowing red eyes pierced through the foggy dark room, filling the room with a steady stream of dark, trance-inducing, bass-driven music. As the crowd enjoyed ATLiens, we headed back over to the mainstage. GRiZ was just finishing up his set with another on of his fantastic saxophone solos.

Photo Courtesy of Blacklist


Whether it was faith or coincidence, Herobust started his set with an audio clip of some church bells ringing. In other words, he was literally sounding the bells to let the soldiers know that church was in session and it was time to say their prayers. Soon after he started barraging the dance floor with some of his heavy hip-hop inspired bass music. The floor gradually started turning into one big mosh pit as he was bumping up the BPM. We have seen many mosh pits before in the Bootshaus, but this one was massive. The whole floor was just one big fest of people jumping and celebrating their favorite, Herobust.

The Blacklist crew nailed it once again. Every party is a thrilling gathering of like-minded people with a great selection of the best artists in this genre. With this party coming to an end, one can already look forward to the next event. In addition to residents, more artists that are already confirmed are 4B, Marauda, Subfiltronik and a special set by Kompany. If you are in the neighborhood of Germany’s number 1 club this April, you might want to think of joining the Blacklist Soldiers for this event.

Photos Courtesy of Blacklist


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