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AVIRA Lends “Miracle (Unplugged Mix)” to Armada Music




A familiar name within the electronic space and Armada Music, AVIRA, has returned to the front of the mix, this time releasing the first track of his Unplugged series: “Miracle (AVIRA’s Unplugged Mix)”. The track is a sonically impressive effort to reconnect with his fans, while continuing his momentum as an artist, and his overall growth with Armada.

AVIRA’s “Miracle (AVIRA’s Unplugged Mix)” is a beautiful track that possesses the energy of a club, but without even needing a dance floor. It sonically possess the perfect construction of production, balancing warm vocals, touches of guitar, and a variety of classic electronic elements that enable listeners to simply relax and let go.

The dance floors are where the magic energy of music lives, and 2020 has disconnected artists like me from their fans. I guess you can say we’ve been quite literally unplugged, as there are no sounds or lights. I wanted to find a way to connect with listeners in places besides the clubs with something that still holds the essence of my records, but with a twist.” – AVIRA

With a plethora of both deep & sentimental music releases under his belt, AVIRA, is on the steady come up, as any fan or listener can easily observe and notice his upcoming success. His ability and yearning to connect with fans on a deep level with his music, is a crucial element of any major artist, and he’s indefinitely on the path to become just that.


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