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Action Paxton Releases Music Video & NFT Set for Single “Boots & Cats”



Action Paxton is not afraid to dip into the wild side when it comes to the music projects he sets his mind to. His debut 2022 release “Boots & Cats” embodies these values to a tee and goes beyond the pale of what a standard electronic music release tends to embody.

Within the umbrella experience that is “Boots & Cats,” falls an audio single, an animated  music video, and a NFT set that includes 8 cats and a set of boots brought to life by illustrator Sonja Calhoun. The graphics and creative direction unifies all the different media pieces to express a common feel and message.

Action Paxton has taken a “less is more,” approach sonically with the single, simply letting the music lead him to the place it needs to be. The beat doesn’t try to win the listener over with over-complicated sound design or highly technical measures, yet approaches the creation of the theme with a smooth, simple and clean disposition. What’s rendered is a bass-house fueled aura with a confidence-inducing, feel-good swagger. 

Featuring LA-based artist DatGirl, the music video brings to life the animated characteristics found in the audio version of the song. The dynamic construction of the video doesn’t offer a moment for the viewers mind to drift as the flow cuts quickly from scene to scene, showcasing shots that blends trippy animation, throwback graphics, vivid colors, and a 3D animated Action Paxton meshed together in a conducive way that articles raw-energy and a fun-loving power.

Created by Sonja, 9 NFT’s will be released altogether with each one’s centerpiece being an animated cat. 6 will be cats from the cover art, 2 are dead ‘ghost’ cats, and 1 is a pair of boots (which is the most rare). The Boots & Cats Digital Collection is a very limited set of NFTs currently available on

The music industry and in particular the electronic music industry is an ever-evolving realm of inventive, driven artists seeking to stand out. Action Paxton is embracing the future with his multimedia music experience which fits right into the landscape of 2022.


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1 Comment

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