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TheFatRat & Maisy Kay Take on “The Storm” (Debut Music Video)



TheFatRat, better known as the biggest gaming artist in the industry is taking his crossover to a new level in his latest single, teaming up with award-winning singer-songwriter Maisy Kay for “The Storm.” 

Raised in a quiet town in Germany, TheFatRat has grown to amass millions of followers who adore his journey in all things music production. The vibrant music video behind “The Storm” is an ideal visual to go alongside such a unique song. Shot in the volcanic landscape of Iceland, “The Storm” is TheFatRat’s first-ever music video, created with the team behind Alan Walker’s feature-film calibre music videos. They bring to life the ongoing story which fans have speculated about from TheFatRat’s previous artworks, as the two protagonists, TheFatRat and Maisy Kay, must escape from a gigantic storm about to destroy everything. In a magical cave, they find a supersized egg soon to break open and reveal an unknown creature. 

“The lyrics of the song are about finding your true self in extreme challenges. The music video reflects that as well” – TheFatRat 

Sung in Na’vi, the language from the movie ‘Avatar,’ “The Storm” projects a momentum of sounds accompanied by a driving foundational force. Throughout “The Storm,” soft instrumental notes bring a gentle touch to the explorative track. The lead line is performed by a Turkish Ney (Turkish flute) and TheFatRat implements numerous elements around the flute, complementing every side perfectly. 


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