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TheFatRat Releases New Single “Still Here With You”



Gaming music legend and independent artist, TheFatRat continues 2024 strong with the release of “Still Here With You.” The otherworldly new track features vocals from TheFatRat himself and contains themes of gratitude and appreciative-ness.

Following the release of “Sail Away” earlier this year, the go-to-artist for Esports brands like ESL and Dreamhack has delivered an euphoric and uplifting track that features lyrics of feeling fulfilled and gaining an appreciation for life when confronted with death. The song depicts a thoughtful story of a near death experience between the siblings Eo and Eden we’ve been following throughout TheFatRat’s saga. The brother has fallen into a lifeless state where his soul has left his body, but as his spirit is still present and his mourning sister. With lyrics such as “If only you knew that I’m still here with you,” the song offers a new, fascinating perspective of their situation and life.

“Originally I intended to write a song with female vocals and wanted to record a demo. However, when listening to the track again, I actually liked the singing and made the decision to sing on this song myself. This is a departure from my previous releases, since I have never showcased this vocal style publicly before. Recently I acquired a hang drum, which inspired me to write the melody. In the final production it’s combined with synthesizer but it still keeps the otherworldly spirit of the hang drum.” – TheFatRat

With “Still Here With You,” TheFatRat brings something new as the song features his own vocals in an unheard and unique way. His soft and smooth vocal style pairs with his typical transcendent production in a way that is sure to entrance listeners. The song also features a hang drum layered with synthesizers that create an ethereal and otherworldly feel. TheFatRat’s production prowess and vocal style blend together perfectly to treat listeners to a euphoric and addictive listening experience that is sure to also lift their spirits. Fans can expect the captivating story between the siblings to continue with some unexpected twists and turns ahead.

“Still Here With You” is available now on all digital streaming platforms and is free to use on digital platforms like YouTube and Twitch, continuing on with TheFatRat’s tradition of making his songs available for creators without the hassle of demonetization.